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Importing From Logic - Preparing A Logic Project For Mixing

Are you using non-Logic synths/software instrument plugins which I might not have? Check with me first. 


If I don’t have them, please select them in your arrangement, then go to File>Bounce>Regions In Place. You’ll get a dialogue box like this:

Bounce in place.png
  • If there are effects in the synth patch itself (many plugins come with built-in chorus, overdrive or distortion) leave on what you think is essential to the sound, but please remove any reverb in the patch itself. If a delay works well, leave it on, but I have some great delay plugins too. I have, at the time of writing 49 reverb plugins, including some of the finest available.

  • Please mute and leave the MIDI track. In mixes I have done for people recently, I have been able to copy the MIDI parts to another track and layer their string parts, for example, with something from my library, leading to a richer sound. If I do this as an experiment, I will do two working mixes for you, and you can choose whether you want to keep my additions or not.

  • Please label all your tracks clearly. 'Jon’ is not as helpful as ‘backing vox 1’. or ‘BVs1’.

  • Make sure your project has all relevant files with it by doing this: 


You can save the project as a Package, which has everything in one place, or preferably as a Folder, which has them separated by type and more accessible:

save as.png

This can be compressed/zipped for easier transfer via the cloud.  A folder can be transferred by any Cloud service, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Non-Apple services can have trouble with the package format.

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