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Importing from GarageBand

If you've made your song in GarageBand, getting it to me is easy.

Just save your project as normal. GB will save it in Users>(you)>Music>GarageBand on a Mac.


If you're using an iPad or iPhone, you need to:

  • Open GarageBand and go to your songs

  • Tap and hold on the project

  • Go down to Share Song

  • Then choose the app which gives you a way of getting it to me.

So far I have found that a shared folder on your iCloud Drive (via the Files app on your iOS device) seems to work best.



I made myself a quick little demo track, called DemoDemo. It uses one of the GB drummers, my bass playing, some of the instrument sounds, some GB Apple Loops, and some imported vocal samples (because you really don’t want to hear my singing!)


Here it is in my GarageBand folder:


GB Menu.png

This is what it looks like opened in GB:

GB DemoDemo Screenshot.png

And this is what it sounds like:

DemoDemo GB

It’s easy for me to open it in Logic Pro X, as both programs are made by the same people. I took the basic track and used some of the techniques I apply to my own and clients’ mixes in Logic. Here’s what the Logic arrangement looked like, with the mixer window below:

Logic Arrange DemoDemo.png
Logic Mixer DemoDemo.png

I converted the basic drummer track into separate parts, enabling me to apply effects and EQ to each part of the kit. I’ve put my bass through a very nice vintage amplifier plugin. I’ve put all sorts of other effects from different plugins on the other sounds, including automating delay effects. I then run the mix through a mastering processor. I hope you’ll agree that my quick little project sounds more full and interesting:

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