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I don’t do flat rates, as projects can be massively different. 


I have, for example. mixed folk songs with a total of 3 tracks - lead vocal, acoustic guitar, backing vocal; I have also mixed progressive rock anthems with 100+ tracks, including 3 different sets of drums, 4 lead vocalists, and numerous guitar and keyboard parts. I can’t charge the same for both jobs!


If you’re thinking about giving a mixer a big project, and he charges the same flat rate as for a small project, there could always be the thought that he’ll  cut corners or won’t give it the same kind of detailed attention as for a small one.


This is how we’ll work out the pricing for your project:


  • I gave the first 10 clients one free mix. I had a great response to that, but for the moment it's over!  I want to be competitive, so get in touch with details of your track and how you'd like me to treat it. I believe in good communication with clients.

  • If you're happy with my work, and you want me to do more, we'll take this on a case by case basis. I'm happy to work out a rate for a whole album or EP.

  • Revisions? I'll likewise take this on a case by case basis, but I'll say a minimum of 3.  One thing I will insist on, if you are a band or a collaboration, is that I deal with one person only for comments and revision requests. No mixer wants to deal with the guitarist emailing wanting his parts turned up, while the singer's emailing because he wants them turned down!

  • The easiest way to pay me will be via Paypal at


Please make an initial contact by the email link below, and I'll get back to you. It would be great if you could tell me about your music, your ambitions for it and what you'd like me to do with it, with an MP3 of your 'work in progress', either attached to your email, a link to a Soundcloud page, or as a download link from cloud storage.

Uploading And Downloading Files
Uploading And Downloading Files
Contact Me

Thanks for getting in touch!

Uploading And Sharing Files

There are a LOT of ways to exchange audio files over the Internet. My main cloud account is a professional account on Dropbox, with 2TB storage. At the moment, while I assess what is the easiest and most reliable way for people to get stuff to me, my approach will be this:

  • Once we've agreed that I will work on your stuff, you get a folder or package to me. Once a folder is in Dropbox, for example, you can create a web link which you can send to the person who needs to receive the project. If you use iCloud storage (via the Files app on iOS devices), you can share a file or folder. You can do similar things with Google Drive or OneDrive. You can get a free account on and send up to 2GB of stuff.Do a search for 'online file transfer' and you'll find lots of other options.

  • I will create a Dropbox folder shared with the email address you've given me - we'll both have access to it.

  • I will put MP3s of the mixes in this folder for you to give me feedback, and put the final full WAV or AIFF versions in there once payment has gone through. (This is what you will need to upload to streaming or download sites like Bandcamp - they won't accept MP3s)

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