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Taking Your Creativity To The Next Level

This website is for you if:


  • You’re a creative person who has been making or recording music using computers, especially if you use GarageBand or Logic Pro.

  • You have ideas you’re pleased with, but you don’t know how to take them that step further for a really professional-sounding result.

  • You feel that having someone else with fresh ears and a greater understanding and experience of the tools and processes involved might be a good idea.

  • you want personal service and a genuine dialogue with the person mixing your hard work.

Many people have discovered the pleasures of recording and composing. Cheap, or free software and affordable audio interfaces, microphones, headphones, loudspeakers and other equipment have made it more accessible than ever before. People who might have stuck at singing songs into a cassette recorder a few years ago can now start something with much greater potential. Other people have got into creating electronic-based music entirely on their computers. There has been an explosion of creativity. But many people like this get to the point of wanting to get their work out to the wider world, only to feel that it doesn’t match up in sound quality to commercial releases, despite all their interesting ideas.

This is where I can help! With 23 years experience of working on Logic Pro X and other DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), I can bring professional skills and tools to make your music shine.


I was doing some recording with around twenty different tracks [vocals and backing vocals, multiple guitar bass and drum tracks] and I was quite pleased with the result. However, I realised that it just didn't sound as good as professionally produced songs. I contacted Tony Thompson and he started working his magic on it. A few test mixes later, I thought the song sounded amazing. Tony was a joy to work with - knowledgeable, proactive, reliable and with that 'golden touch' which I guess only comes with years of experience. I would highly recommend his services ..... I know I'll be back when my next song needs some love. 

Tony Gee, Redfish Bluefish

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